Which is Better – Vocational Education Training Programs (TVET) or a University Degree?

It is a world full of choices. Especially when it comes to education and choosing a career path that promises a bright future. Looking back a few years, it was relatively easier for students to make that decision as the options and choices were limited to a few streams and specializations.

Fast forward to today, not only is there a wide array of career options, there are also courses that offer super-specializations in each of those fields. Who says a student’s life is easy.

After all the choice made today is going to decide the future life ahead.

Apart from the mainstream College Degree that still continues to be around and is required for certain streams like finance, medicine & engineering, etc; we now also have a spectrum of Vocational Training Courses that can give anyone a lucrative career if a long drawn college degree doesn’t seem too exciting.

Technical & Vocational Education Training Programs (TVET)

TVET is tertiary education programs that provide industry related technical skills & generally cover a wide range of careers and industries spanning technology, retail, hospitality, and many more.

Earlier on it was a fundamental misconception that one does not land a job without having the best college degree. However, quite contrary to the popular belief, the best inventors & innovators that the world has ever seen, and is continuing to see (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to name a few) actually contribute to the underlying statement that one does not necessarily need to go through a minimum three to a four-year-long degree program for a successful career start.

Interestingly, even long before schools & colleges made the first foray into the Information Technology education & training, the era of IT Programming languages had already come to be. At that time, as this was not something the colleges and universities provided or catered to, people with the foresight who wanted to learn the technical knowledge & skills required to cope with these changing trends had to go to Technical & Vocational Education Training Institutes to learn and equip themselves with the practical skills and knowledge required.

In other words, it was the Vocational Courses that actually contributed to the need of the hour and not really the mainline education institutions. And, those individuals that got themselves trained in such institutes did not just manage to get a head start in the IT Industry but also went on to make the history of Information Technology as we know it.

Furthermore, many of the new kind of jobs in the different domains actually do not require the kind of knowledge that the traditional 3 to 4-year College Degrees bring; rather what is required is more Specialized Industry Focused Training in the form of proficiency Diplomas & Certificate programs that would equip and empower the individuals with proper Knowledge, Skills, Know-hows and the Proficiency to do the tasks essentially required.

In keeping with the trend, the Vocational Training Institutions have also evolved over time and are now not just limited to the Technology Sector. You can find them developing creative talent over a wide range of industries, equipping individuals with all the knowledge, skills, and exposure to become prolific with for the job.

Here’s the reason we are nailing the importance of opting for outcome-driven and industry-focused vocational education programs, especially during these times of uncertainty…

There are well established TVET Institutions across the world today that help with professional advancement of students by equipping them with a range of internationally recognized and accredited programs that simulate job-specific practical learning & skill-experience to help them get a much quicker entry and grip on the industry.

Visit us today, let help you weigh your decision(s).

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