Four (4) Advantages of Vocational Education over a University Degree.

Not everyone aspires to become an Engineer, a Doctor, or a Scientist. One can have a great career otherwise too. The key is to learn the knowledge & skills from industry experts to give yourself the right start for a greater boost.  The following are some of our highlighted advantages of technical and vocational education over a university degree.

  • TVET Education hands-on training helps kick-start an Industry Career!
  • TVET Programs also provide qualifications in the form of Accredited Professional Certificates and Diplomas which are considered just as valuable as college degrees.
  • TVET Programs are short to medium term career training programs that are highly intensive and most importantly, foster practical knowledge by training the individuals directly on aspects that one would require on the job every day.
  • In addition to being a very practical approach to learning, these recognized programs also add value to and enhance personal growth, management skills, communication skills, and even emotional intelligence to a great degree.

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In doubt of where you should start from?

The first thing you need to do is decide what is that you are interested in. What work feels like joy and not a task? Once you have clarity on that, then you need to ascertain if your chosen field of work is best learnt traditionally or as a vocational program.

>> Next step is to zero on an institute that is top-notch in making you not only efficient and also proficient with the required skill. If Food is what makes you happy and the kitchen is your calling, then training in Culinary Arts is what you should be looking for.

We are more than ready to help you with your career choice.

We dey for YOU!

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