Vocational Training: Meaning of Hands-on Training Learning.

Hands-on training is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies needed in the workplace i.e. professional skills that make you job ready. Vocational schools as a training institute, focuses on learners outcome using Hands-on training teaching approach, which allows students to incorporate what is being taught into real world situations, thus allowing the student to retain more information than the traditional parrot way of teaching and learning.

Hands-on training approach allows students to interact with one another as in role-play, practical applications or simulations they can relate what they are learning to their own work environment. Not only that, hands-on training also help cement the concepts of the learning into their long-term memory in adults. If the hands-on activity is positive they will use it as training tool themselves.

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➢ Adult learners need to understand why they are learning a new task/skill

➢ They learn better through active experience than passive listening

➢ And also, they learn better through interacting with one another than working alone